Sunday, September 15, 2013

Iran is the main concern of US and Israel, not Syria

[ Press TV - ]

An American activist says that the main concern of the United States and Israel is Iran, as the US tries to assure Israel of a deal to remove Syria's chemical weapons.

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel on Sunday to inform the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu about a US-Russian agreement to destroy Syria’s chemical weapons. Under the agreement, the government of President Bashar al-Assad must destroy its stockpile of chemical weapons by mid-2014.

The United States accuses the Syrian government of launching a deadly chemical weapons attack in August against insurgents. Damascus denies the allegation.

“There is no question that Netanyahu’s main concern and Washington’s main concern is not Syria, that’s side show, Iran is the main consideration,” said Steve Lendman.

Lendman said those concerns about Iran are based on “bogus reasons, claiming Iran is developing nuclear weapons, which it is not. There is no evidence what so ever that even suggests it.”
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