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OCEAN SPRINGS, MS -- It has been over 3 months since 16-year-old Kaytlynn Brann was struck on the side of the road by a truck, which then fled the scene. The truck was driven by an off-duty Pascagoula police officer. Kaytlynn died in the hospital.

The family says that the officer has received preferential treatment that is helping him avoid any criminal charges in the accident.

"He told us that the man had left the scene. He came back 16 minutes later. That he refused to blow, then 45 minutes later he did blow positive, and four hours later they did a blood draw. That he would be arrested and he would stay in jail until Monday morning. He would bond out and then we found out the next day that that was not, in fact, true," Kristen Brann said.

"I'm afraid of it becoming a cover-up. That's what I'm afraid of," Keith Brann said.

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Boston – Who did what to whom?

Amateur gun fight in Watertown – One brother armed – Zero tactics training – Standing in their own headlights

The postmortem of the Boston bombing begins – which includes identifying controlled deception and cover

   … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor        …with Press TV

  -  First published on May 3rd, 2013  -

Jahar planting his bomb behind the boy who was killed?

The smoke has cleared and the dust on the Boston bombing is finally beginning to settle a bit.
The frenzy on the Internet of everyone pouring over the huge number of images and appointing themselves instant photo analysts has cooled down somewhat, too.

But today we will drive the wooden stake through the heart of some of the god awful silly accusations that were made which has hurt the hunt for the truth.

We understand the public is hypersensitive about false flag attacks now. The 911 commission was considered a bad joke by a huge majority around the world, but that went nowhere.

The Bush administration and virtually all of America’s institutions acted like they did not care… the proof being that there was no major push for an under oath investigation. That was a huge mistake as it invited more attacks… and they came.

It’s good for people to be skeptical, but going too far plays into the hands of the bad guys as well meaning Internet sleuths can provide good cover for the professional deception crowd. This always takes the attention away from the most vulnerable areas any false flag perpetrators prefer to be ignored.
An experienced Intel analyst right off the bat is going to be hypersensitive about what is not being talked about and/or covered by media and investigators on the first day or two. That is where you start sniffing like a bird dog.

At Veterans Today we stuck our flag in the ground early on the bombing drill, once again, being conducted on the day of a major event. Yes it was in the morning, and in the vicinity of the start of the race while the bombing was at the end.-[Full Article]

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Rapper "Xstrav" Beatty gets arrested for refusing to give cop his iced tea 

Published on May 3, 2013
On Monday, Christopher Beatty and friends were outside an ABC Liquor Store in North Carolina when a plain clothes police officer demanded Beatty, also known as rapper "Xstrav," hand over his can of Arizona brand iced tea. The cop insisted that Beatty hand over the drink due to the suspicion that it contained alcohol, but Beatty was taken to the ground by the officer because the cop didn't identify himself. The rapper was later charged with trespassing among other charges and eyewitness Tino Brown caught the incident on video and gives us his side of how things went down.
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Man Drinking Iced Tea In Parking Lot Gets Arrested

A can of tea can apparently land you in the can
Adan Salazar
May 2, 2013


A recent YouTube video captured an overzealous security guard accusing a 24-year-old man of drinking alcohol in the parking lot of a liquor store, and then subsequently arresting him. The kicker, of course, was that the 24-year-old was only drinking Arizona brand Half and Half Iced Tea.

Warning, video contains strong language

As rapper Xstrav (Xstravagant), AKA Christopher Beatty, and his friend Tony Brown waited for their friend in the parking lot of the Cumberland County ABC Liquor Store in Fayetteville, North Carolina, an alleged plainclothes officer walked up to them demanding to know what Beatty was drinking.

Naturally, Beatty was taken aback by the seemingly normal man approaching him and asking to inspect his drink. He held the can at arm’s length, allowing the man, who merely identified himself as “police” verbally, to read the label, but refused to allow the strange man to hold (or sip) the drink.

The man, professing to be a police officer, next asks Beatty to leave the property for trespassing, even though Beatty explained he was there in the parking lot waiting to make a future purchase.

The video clearly shows the supposed undercover officer did not immediately identify himself as a policeman before he began questioning Beatty, and only quickly flashes what may be a badge three seconds before he demands the man put his hands on the trunk of his own car.

Without reading him his rights or divulging the charge for which he was making the arrest, the security guard begins handcuffing Beatty in the parking lot, while another seemingly drunk man wanders around the parking lot violating the well-known law of public intoxication.-[Full Article]