Friday, March 22, 2013

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Capital New York

"It's scary, but what's the difference whether the drone is up in the air or on the building," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said today during his weekly appearance on the John Gambling radio show, when Gambling asked him his thoughts on the use of domestic drones by the NYPD or any other entity. "I mean intellectually I'd have trouble making a distinction. And you know, you're gonna have face-recognition software. People are working on that. ... You can't keep the tides from coming in. We're gonna have more visibility and less privacy. I don't see how you stop that."-[Full Article]

New York offers $500 reward for reporting illegal gun owners

Fox News

Nearly a year before signing the nation's most stringent gun control measure into law, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo launched a hotline that allows state residents to report illegal gun owners in exchange for a $500 reward.

The measure is part of a four-pronged approach established by the governor's office to reduce gun violence in urban communities, according to

New Yorkers can call the "Gun Tip Line" if they believe someone they know has an illegal gun. Hotline calls are answered by state police and tips are referred to local law enforcement, the station reported.

“This initiative seeks to turn neighbor against neighbor and use their own tax dollars to pay for the $500 reward,” Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin told the station.-[Full Article]

US plan calls for more scanning of private Web traffic, email

NBC News

The U.S. government is expanding a cybersecurity program that scans Internet traffic headed into and out of defense contractors to include far more of the country's private, civilian-run infrastructure.

As a result, more private sector employees than ever before, including those at big banks, utilities and key transportation companies, will have their emails and Web surfing scanned as a precaution against cyber attacks.

Under last month's White House executive order on cybersecurity, the scans will be driven by classified information provided by U.S. intelligence agencies — including data from the National Security Agency (NSA) — on new or especially serious espionage threats and other hacking attempts. U.S. spy chiefs said on March 12 that cyber attacks have supplanted terrorism as the top threat to the country.

The Department of Homeland Security will gather the secret data and pass it to a small group of telecommunication companies and cyber security providers that have employees holding security clearances, government and industry officials said. Those companies will then offer to process email and other Internet transmissions for critical infrastructure customers that choose to participate in the program.-[Full Article]

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Israel, driving America’s ‘welfare Cadillac’

Press TV

To any American, the term “welfare Cadillac” refers to an undeserving “freeloader” living off the hard work of others. Today, America’s “welfare Cadillac” is Israel, a land of “milk and honey,” paid for by the taxes of America’s starving poor and defended by the blood of America’s “goyim” military, by toranic standards, bred to serve but not even considered “human.”

Gas Attack Aleppo
President Obama’s visit to Israel follows a poison gas attack on Aleppo. This was no accident; Israel had just asked the US to bomb Syria. Tuesday’s poison gas attack was meant to “sell” Israel’s attempt to derail upcoming talks and hang “WMD” charges on Syria and Iran, just as he had successfully done with Iraq.

When will the media admit to “false flag terrorism?” How obvious does it have to get-[Full Article]

Take a Hint From Cyprus, Empty Your Bank Account Before They Do

Cyprus bailout Cypriots

Susanne Posel
Occupy Corporatism
March 19, 2013

The European House of Representative has decided to discuss a drafted bill that would enforce the Eurogroup’s Cyprus bailout.

This bill concerns Cypriot’s savings accounts that would be redirected to the technocrats to assist in paying off the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) for the 5.8 billion Euros that was given to the nation to save them from financial ruin.

This scheme has been furthered by the Cyprus President while the House of Representatives has requested amendments to the drafted bill.

The tax on deposits was devised by the IMF and ECB syphoned out money from private customer accounts.
The underlying message is that Cyprus would not have the chance to recover without the bailout and the subsequent theft of customer funds to replace the loan from the IMF.

Banks have closed their doors, refusing customers the chance to take their money out of their accounts. ATMs have begun to run dry, leaving many banking customers to fall victim to the theft of their hard-earned money by the technocrats.-[Full Article]

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rachel Corrie Tribute

Published on Mar 16, 2012
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Rachel Corrie has become the international symbol of bravery and justice.

From a young age, she was an advocate for human rights. When she became a young woman, she was a volunteer for a human rights organization that journeyed to Gaza. There, their mission was to save the homes of the innocent Palestinian families from the wrecking ball of the Israeli demolition squads who were seizing land ILLEGALLY in gaza. She was murdered trying to save the home of a Palestinian pharmacist and his family.

Rachel's bravery will never be forgotten. Everyday, more and more people become aware of Rachel's work in Palestine and the positivity she left behind. Her parents have tirelessly been working for the last 7 years to bring justice for the shocking and disgraceful behaviour shown by the Israeli and American governments regarding Rachel's death.

I sincerely hope you will help Rachel, her parents and supporters by spreading this video and learning more about her. Please visit the Rachel Corrie Foundation:
Rachel Corrie was a human rights worker who was crushed to death by an Israeli soldier driving a bulldozer in 2003. She was trying to prevent the bulldozer from destroying a Palestinian family's home. She was just 23 years old. This Saturday, March 16, is the 10th anniversary of her death.

Remember Rachel

American Free Press

Remember Rachel

By Ralph Forbes

Few Americans today remember that “a date which will live in infamy” was a key slogan used by FDR to deceive Americans into marching blindly to war and death. Another infamous point in time is September 11, 2001—especially if you know the truth about it. Americans should also add March 16, 2003, to these shameful dates—the day President George W. Bush attacked Iraq and when an American-made Caterpillar bulldozer was used by the Israeli to murder a young American activist in Palestine.

On March 16, 2003, Bush and his neocon masters consummated their “cakewalk” over the bodies of innocent women and children for Israel. Meanwhile in Israel, the regime—drunk with madness because America was once again sacrificing blood and treasure for Zionist policies—was celebrating Purim by stealing more lands and bulldozing homes.

On that day, one Israeli-operated bulldozer was aiming to demolish the home of Samir Nasralla’s family, who was sharing their meager fare with a young American seeking peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Wanting to stop the injustice, wearing her bright orange fluorescent jacket, Rachel Corrie stood, atop a small hill, alone between the house and the oncoming bulldozer. She held off the demolition for three hours with nothing but her courage, a megaphone and a peaceful picket sign. Miss Corrie stared, unflinchingly into the eyes of the Israeli driver as he drove straight at her. The tiny American girl was crushed under 65 tons of armor-plated behemoth. The driver backed up over her broken body, gunned the engine, drowning out her screams of pain and then drove over Rachel again.

For the past 10 years Rachel’s parents have sought justice for her. With perverted logic, the Israeli judge excused the murderer. In the January 30 issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS, readers were informed about their legal battle in the article titled “Parents Recount Battle with Israel: Father, mother of murdered peace activist speak out about decade-long fight for justice” by Pete Papaherakles.

Rachel was a courageous American. She did peacefully what the United States government claims it is doing with guns and bombs when it invades foreign lands. Rachel bravely stood up for the rights of people to be safe and secure in their own homes.

Ralph Forbes is a freelance writer based in Arkansas. He is also a member of AFP’s Southern Bureau. Contact him at

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

EXCLUSIVE - U.S. to let spy agencies scour Americans' finances

(Reuters) - The Obama administration is drawing up plans to give all U.S. spy agencies full access to a massive database that contains financial data on American citizens and others who bank in the country, according to a Treasury Department document seen by Reuters.

The proposed plan represents a major step by U.S. intelligence agencies to spot and track down terrorist networks and crime syndicates by bringing together financial databanks, criminal records and military intelligence. The plan, which legal experts say is permissible under U.S. law, is nonetheless likely to trigger intense criticism from privacy advocates.-[Full Article]

Friday, March 8, 2013

John Brennan sworn in on first draft of constitution – without the bill of rights

UK Guardian 

Early version of the constitution used to swear-in new CIA director lacks the part about due process before the law. Oops

John Brennan sworn in as CIA director

CIA director John Brennan swore the oath of office Friday on an original copy of the constitution, the White House announced, which at first sounds pretty cool.

Better than a Bible – everybody does the Bible. The copy is from 1787, and it apparently has George Washington's personal handwriting and annotations on it and everything. They keep it in a protective manila folder, visible in an official photo of the moment.

So far, so charming – except for one detail:

The founders were quick about the Bill of Rights, ratifying them in 1791. But the constitution was passed without them. A pre-ratification draft of the constitution certainly would not have included them. The fifth amendment's guarantee of due process before the law? Brennan's wife's not holding it and Brennan ain't swearing on it.-[Full Article]

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Eric Holder Admits Killing Americans With Drones on U.S. Soil is Unconstitutional

Published on Mar 6, 2013

3/6/13 - Eric Holder informed Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) in writing that the White House would be within its legal authority to execute an American citizen via drone on U.S. soil if that person was determined to pose a threat to national security. On Wednesday, testifying before a Senate panel, Holder was prodded repeatedly about this assertion by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Holder eventually admitted that it would not be constitutional to execute an American citizen without due process. RELATED: Obama Administration: Yes, The President Can Drone Strike Americans On U.S. Soil... "In your legal judgment, does the Constitution allow a U.S. citizen on U.S. soil to be killed by a drone?" Cruz asked Holder pointedly. "For sitting in a café and having a cup of coffee?" Holder replied. Cruz clarified that his hypothetical individual subject to a drone strike did not pose an "eminent and immediate threat of death and bodily harm," but that person is suspected to be a terrorist. "I would not think that that would be an appropriate use of any kind of lethal force," Holder replied. "With all respect, Gen. Holder, my question wasn't about appropriateness or prosecutorial discretion. It was a simple legal question," Cruz clarified. "This is a hypothetical, but I would not think, that in that situation, the use of a drone or lethal force would not be appropriate," Holder replied. "I have to tell you I find it remarkable that in that hypothetical, which is deliberately very simple, you are not able to give a simple, one-word answer: no," Cruz added. He said he think that his scenario would constitute a "deprivation of life without due process." Holder agreed and added that lethal force in Cruz's case "would not be appropriate." "You keep saying appropriate -- my question isn't about propriety," Cruz goaded. "My question is about whether something is constitutional or not." When Cruz was about to abandon his line of questioning after a number of equivocations from Holder, the attorney general clarified that he was saying "no" such actions would not be constitutional.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Obama DHS Purchases 2,700 Light-Armored Tanks to Go With Their 1.6 Billion Bullet Stockpile

This is getting a little creepy.

According to one estimate, since last year the Department of Homeland Security has stockpiled more than 1.6 billion bullets, mainly .40 caliber and 9mm.

DHS also purchased 2,700 Mine Resistant Armor Protected Vehicles (MRAP).

homeland security mrap

Modern Survival Blog reported:
The Department of Homeland Security (through the U.S. Army Forces Command) recently retrofitted 2,717 of these ‘Mine Resistant Protected’ vehicles for service on the streets of the United States.

Although I’ve seen and read several online blurbs about this vehicle of late, I decided to dig slightly deeper and discover more about the vehicle itself.

The new DHS sanctioned ‘Street Sweeper’ (my own slang due to the gun ports) is built by Navistar Defense (, a division within the Navistar organization. Under the Navistar umbrella are several other companies including International Trucks, IC Bus (they make school buses), Monaco RV (recreational vehicles), WorkHorse (they make chassis), MaxxForce (diesel engines), and Navistar Financial (the money arm of the company). -[Full Article]

Friday, March 1, 2013

Senators Debate Permanent Records of Gun Purchases Kept by Gov Agencies

Occupy Corporatism

...Feinstein’s bill that seeks to redefine what is an “assault weapon” to include a more encompassing amount of guns. There would also be an initiative of forcing Americans to register their guns with the federal government under the National Firearms Act (NFA). This would give the federal government authority to confiscate weapons that were identified in violent acts.

Feinstein hopes to:
• Restrict the modifications to firearms available to citizens
• Classify specific modifications as illegal
• Restricting the acquisition of rocket launchers

With the redefining of assault weapons, semi-automatic, centerfire, rimfire rifles will be illegal; as well as the M1 Carbine and Ruger Mini-14. No more than 10 round magazines will be available. There are 150 types of guns on Feinstein’s “list” that should be banned; including most types of rifles pistols and shotguns.

The NFA will collect taxes of an estimated $200 per gun purchased as well as the owner file their fingerprints, photograph, address and obtain permission before taking the gun across state lines.

Guns could not be sold privately or passed down to heirs. The owner would relinquish their gun to the US government upon death...-[Full Article]

Amerika (1987)

America has been bloodlessly taken over by the Soviet Union, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration for others and rebellion for yet others.