Saturday, August 25, 2012

IDF is the World’s Largest Terrorist Organization: Joe Cortina

Veterans Today

Captain Joe Cortina is a former airborne special operations officer and U.S. Army Training Center commander. He subsequently embarked on missions as intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist advisor and traveled to different countries in the Middle East and Central America. His visit to Israel was an opportunity for him to realize the anti-American atmosphere governing the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the feeling of resentment and antipathy the Israeli citizens have toward the United States despite the all-out military, financial and political support and backing which Washington offers to Tel Aviv.
Joe Cortina attended the University of Miami, University of Tampa Spring Hill College and Florida Southern College and holds degrees in physics, biology and chemistry.
Cortina has strong anti-Israeli views and believes that the Israel Defense Force is the largest terrorist organization in the contemporary world. He believes that Israelis are the main reason for the political and economic problems the United States suffers from.

What follows is the text of interview with Joe Cortina with whom we have talked on a number of issues, including his viewpoints regarding the policies and actions of Israel, his firsthand experiences in the Occupied Territories, the impact of Arab Spring on the political status of Israel and the recent social crisis in Tel Aviv.-[Full Article]