Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some are leery of this year's flu shots

SALISBURY, Md. — In the wake of last year's swine flu pandemic, this year's standard flu shot includes the H1N1 vaccine. That has caused concern for at least some people getting the shots, pharmacists here say.

Manufacturers this year are including the H1N1 antigens along with those of two other strains in the standard vaccine. Craig Schury, pharmacist for Pemberton Pharmacy in Salisbury, said this has scared some potential customers away.

"People are somewhat leery about it, but it just happens to be one of three strains in this year's shot," he said. "It's made the same way as the regular flu shot was last year."

Schury said there are normally a mixture of strains in the shots and the majority of his customers weren't concerned.

He said even though he tries to let his customers know what they are receiving, vaccine providers aren't required to verbally tell clients they are getting the H1N1 vaccine. But, he said, they are required to provide a written document that lists all the included strains...

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