Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Militia Suspects Neighbors' Shocked By Arrests

ERIE COUNTY -- Neighbors of two men arrested as part of an alleged militia plot to start a revolt by killing police officers say they are shocked something so evil was so close.

"You see it in the movies but you never think you'd see it here, in your own yard, and it was very scary. It was scary," says Annie Monk, who lives a couple of doors down from Kristopher Sickles in Sandusky's Bayshore Estates trailer park.

She was talking about the Saturday raid on Sickles' trailer by what seemed to her an army of federal agents.

"There was FBI, the SWAT team down there," she said, gesturing from one side to another, "armored bomb squad here, and they were just plastered all the way from that little street, all the way down to here."...